HS2 and South Kirkby Camp Update

Since contacting Councillor Michelle Collins, who agreed that we should try to protect the monument and Jon Trickett MP, who has not yet responded, i have contacted Historic England with the concerns outlined in my initial post on this subject. They responded by saying; “We noted the potential impact on South Kirkby Camp and the fact that it is difficult to tell from the scheme drawings exactly what the physical impact would be. The train line appears to be in a cutting as it passes closest to the scheduled monument but we are unsure whether this would involve further landtake in order to actually construct the line. This is something we are going to request clarification on. There could also be an impact on the setting of the camp and on people’s ability to appreciate and enjoy it. Our Principal Inspector of Ancient Monuments, Neil Redfern, is going to visit the site to assess this potential impact. We will then be providing advice to HS2 on the impact of the route on the historic environment (combining our comments with colleagues in the North West and East Midlands to provide one response from Historic England).”

With this response i formally objected to the route via the HS2 consultation documentation available at South Elmsall Library.


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