HS2 and South Kirkby Camp – Update

Only a few weeks ago i received a letter (below) from our constituency Member of Parliament, Jon Trickett, informing me that he would raise our concerns over the damage to the scheduled monument South Kirkby Camp with the minister, Paul Maynard. At the same time the local media reported the battle in a way which made it appear that he was spearheading the campaign, something Jon Trickett did little to address when publicly asked to. Let us not forget that myself and South Kirkby residents, with the backing of the Yorkshire Party, have been fighting on behalf of our fellow residents of South Kirkby on this matter since the initial consultation route was announced. During that time the campaign has been reported across the media, Historic England have backed the campaign and the consultation has closed, before our Member of Parliament finally responded to my requests for him to act.

Today the meeting took place between Jon Trickett and Paul Maynard, as announced today on this Facebook post. Firstly, it is interesting to note that myself nor no other South Kirkby residents who have openly expressed their concerns over our part of the Wakefield District were invited to the meeting, despite the assurances from Jon Trickett last month that our concerns were valid. During the consultation phase one of the criticisms i openly made of our Member of Parliament was that he seemed more concerned over the plight of Crofton residents than those of us who live in South Kirkby, this has clearly been demonstrated again today. This is not to take away from the very valid concerns held in Crofton and their campaigning has been second to none, but our village simply is a forgotten land to our Member of Parliament. Secondly, despite his promises that our campaign would be represented at the meeting and our concerns (and those of Historic England) raised with Paul Maynard we have had no contact by Jon Trickett nor any member of his team prior to his announcement of the meeting being made on Facebook this afternoon. As a result the people of South Kirkby appear yet again to be less important to our Member of Parliament than others across the district, an afterthought at best. The fact is simply that there is literally no mention of our village, our campaign or our concerns within todays published announcement by Jon Trickett and, sadly, even if our concerns have been raised by our Member of Parliament in the meeting we have simply not even been given the simple courtesy of being informed of the fact privately.  Compare that to the plight of the Crofton residents who were invited to the meeting and whose concerns have also been publicly addressed by Jon Trickett today on his Facebook announcement, personally i believe that the people of South Kirkby deserve better.

Don’t you?

JT14072017 01

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