My Musical Musings

Once upon a time, very many years ago i was a teen and young adult full of long hair, angst and a bizarre notion i had a musical bone in my body. I include a reference to those (quite honestly embarrassing days) here for one reason, that they are part of my life that i look back on with great enjoyment. So, as a disclaimer, let me emphasise i never said any of the music you may find here is any good

I began my musical journey whilst at high school when i was involved with garage/bedroom bands with wonderful names such as Megaterra and Nuclear Warhead, yes you guessed it we were metal heads. Though the topic of our music was even more creative, i recall with great glee a poster or demo or some such being titled ‘F*@king Weather’. Need i say more? As my friends group split to attend various colleges the core of the group found itself in bands across the Wakefield city region and i was invited to join a fledgling line-up of a thrash metal band called Asmodia, on bass guitar. Yes, we were all leather and hair. We worked for a while on what went on to be the excellent ‘Total Corruption’ demo by the final, stable line up but i left the band before things really got moving. Happily Tom and his Asmodia project actually did pretty well for themselves in the end and built up a dedicated regional following, as can be seen here.

Whilst part of Asmodia i was still very much part of a more fun, less dark scene that evolved out of the city of Leeds, where a very close knit friendship circle of musicians all involved in other bands decided to have some fun by resurrecting the silliest named band from our high school years, NCTB. Now, NCTB does actually mean something but what it means won’t actually mean anything to you, so i won’t go into that here. Needless to say we had many great nights together and we played what we called funk/metal fusion simply for the fun of it, for ourselves and i can honestly say those band members and our little following and friendship group from those days will always be held very dear to me. One bizarre thing about the NCTB project though was that i moved from bass guitar to vocals, despite the fact that i couldn’t actually sing. Adding to this we were all about having a good time and had found (or invented, i’m not sure) Vodkazade and you can then perhaps understand the mess that was captured for all eternity on the ‘Audiozone Sessions’ live recording. ‘C21 Melancholy’ from this is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and so on, but be warned again, it ain’t pretty! Regardless of how bad that recording may be i am actually proud of it, as it represents for me the greatest years of my life. I loved those people, those memories will always be filled of joy and love.

As time went on the musicians that came and went with the NCTB project went on to do some other things and the project kind of morphed into a short lived straight up metal band known as Forsure, who in turn became nu-metal(ish) Theft of a Doll. Theft were again short lived but packed a big punch, contributing music to a couple of low budget films of the day (i seem to recall one being ‘The Crow: Devils Night’ which ended up not being released). In this time i suffered pretty badly with depression (if you ever want to talk to me about such issues feel free to contact me) and set about recording a demo called ‘Falling’ as a bit of a solo side project and which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and so on (again, be warned this isn’t pretty). Then i lost my love for music for many years. Only in recent years have i again begun to play again, you will be pleased to know i keep clear of the microphone and stick entirely to bass guitar…

One of our lot went on to enjoy a life in music and great success in bands such as the excellent Albany Down and Furian, proving that at least one of us had talent. If i am honest i was quite obviously the weak point in all these bands but wow, what great times they were. Living the rock and roll dream.