The ‘Yorkshire Challenge’

Introducing ‘A Comparison of Health, Wealth, Housing, Employment and Taxes with School Performance and Educational Attainment in a Yorkshire Former Mining Community’

In the 2017 general election the Yorkshire Party pledged to push for a ‘Yorkshire Challenge’ to bring funding for Yorkshire schools in line with (and above) that which schools in London benefit from. London schools were once struggling at the foot of league tables and the Labour Government introduced a ‘London Challenge’ which has resulted in a dramatic turn around of children in London. An IPPR North 2016 study found that there is a demonstrable north/south divide in terms of education funding and recommended a ‘Powerhouse Premium’ to address this. As of 2017 IPPR North still insist more needs to be done to close this gap. As a result of this and in an effort to better understand the social issues residents of my own local area of Yorkshire face i undertook a study into possible links between health, wealth, housing, employment and taxes and school performance and educational attainment in a Yorkshire Former Mining Community. The findings of the study proved staggering and made me all the more determined to push for the Yorkshire Challenge to be brought to the fore. The study can be downloaded by clicking here.

I would like to take a moment to thank the teachers, governors, support staff, parents and other residents who continue to work hard to provide an excellent education for our children. You all are, in truth, heroes. I would like to offer special thanks to the teachers and governors who spoke to me as part of this study.

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